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To Change the World, Click Here (or not)

A year or two ago, an old friend posted the following on his Facebook page: WANTED: Participants for a book-loving social experiment. Comment if you want to participate and I’ll send you details. What do you have to do? Buy your favorite book and send it to a stranger (I’ll …

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Small Change and Small Changes

When I was teaching high school in London in the 1990s, I worked with a man named Kevin, who was the technician for the woodwork and metalwork shops. Kevin had a funny little habit; after morning break and lunch break, he would go and walk around the school yard and …

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight

I have to confess to having something of an obsession with the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. Whenever I hear it on the radio, I find it rather mesmerizing, and always think the same thing: “What would inspire someone to write a song like that?” In lots of ways it’s …

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A Fish Story

Several years ago, I was in a doctor’s office in Los Angeles waiting for an appointment. As I sat there, my attention was drawn to an abstract painting on the wall, a wash of grey, white and orange. A lady also sitting waiting commented, “Doesn’t it remind you of koi …

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Customer Service… or just lip service?

    On Monday evening I made my weekly trip to the supermarket to buy some groceries. As I walked around the aisles, I was disappointed to find that several products that I normally buy were not in stock. When I got to the checkout, I was asked the inevitable …

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Kim Kardashian and other “K” words

I have to confess that I know very little about the Kardashian sisters. I knew that their stepfather was once something big in sports, and I recently found out (i.e. this afternoon, via Google, before I sat down to write this) that their father was O.J. Simpson’s defence lawyer.  Mostly …

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Hello, World!

Rather ironically for someone who has worked with computers since long before the World Wide Web, this is my first ever blog post! I’m evidently not what you might call an early adopter. 2,049 total views, no views today

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