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What, another lion-related post?

Remember Walter Palmer? Probably not – I had to look up his name on Google before I wrote this. You probably remember what he did roughly a year ago, though. He was the Minnesota dentist who went big-game hunting in Zimbabwe last year and shot a lion that had been …

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Duplicating the Arts out of existence?

Let’s do a little thought-experiment, a mental exercise. Imagine that someone invents a magical computer program and makes it available as a free download from the internet. The program allows a person to create perfect, functioning copies of manufactured items out of thin air – a kind of ultimate 3-D …

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The Monty Hall Problem

If you wish to start an argument, but don’t want to venture into religion or politics, you could do a lot worse than to bring up the Monty Hall problem.  This is a logic puzzle, named after the host of TV Show “Let’s Make A Deal”, which shows that the …

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