The Monty Hall Problem

If you wish to start an argument, but don’t want to venture into religion or politics, you could do a lot worse than to bring up the Monty Hall problem.  This is a logic puzzle, named after the host of TV Show “Let’s Make A Deal”, which shows that the …

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Customer Service… or just lip service?

    On Monday evening I made my weekly trip to the supermarket to buy some groceries. As I walked around the aisles, I was disappointed to find that several products that I normally buy were not in stock. When I got to the checkout, I was asked the inevitable …

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Kim Kardashian and other “K” words

I have to confess that I know very little about the Kardashian sisters. I knew that their stepfather was once something big in sports, and I recently found out (i.e. this afternoon, via Google, before I sat down to write this) that their father was O.J. Simpson’s defence lawyer.  Mostly …

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CD Production and Promotion for Indie Musicians – Part 1

Recently my group Grumbling Ginger recorded and released a new album, “Smooth The Rough”.  As an independent band with no record label backing, we did everything ourselves, from the recording and mixing to the design of the CD cover and even some of the photography. The duplication and distribution were …

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Playing Real Good For Free

Here’s a hypothetical situation for you.  Imagine you were hosting a party or event of some kind.  You decide that you would like to have food and drinks for your guests to enjoy, so you set about finding someone to cater your party for you.  You start calling up local …

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The Twelfth Doctor

The wait is over, and now we all know that Peter Capaldi will be taking over from Matt Smith in the role of The Doctor in the BBC’s long-running sci-fi series “Doctor Who”. 1,065 total views, no views today

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A Reflection on the Music Articles, 2013

What is very interesting to me in reviewing these articles to put them up on my site is how much the world of music, and the world in general, has changed since I wrote them, largely due to technological developments. 1,512 total views, no views today

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Hello, World!

Rather ironically for someone who has worked with computers since long before the World Wide Web, this is my first ever blog post! I’m evidently not what you might call an early adopter. 2,046 total views, no views today

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