Music Journalism

From 2002 until 2007, I wrote music preview articles for The Salinas Californian, a newspaper owned by Gannett Co. The majority of these articles were published in print; some of the later ones were online only. The Californian does not have them archived, so I will post here as many as I can find.

Articles written and published in 2002

Articles written and published in 2003

Articles written and published in 2004

Articles written and published in 2005

Articles written and published in 2006

Technical Note:

Many of these articles have been scanned from the print versions and then converted to text files via OCR (Optical Character Recognition). As a result, there may be a few translation errors that I missed when I proof read them. In addition, some of the choices made by the editors struck me as strange at the time, and even stranger now in retrospect. However, I have left their changes to my writing intact as this was what was published.

There’s a blog entry about compiling these articles online here.

Drop me a line by e-mail if you would like a PDF version of the original of any story. I’ll gladly send you one if I have it.

– Andrew Gilhooley, May 2013

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